So, where did the name come from?

I’ve been a Live Roleplayer for years so the concept of having a Steampunk character came fairly easily, once I got over the lack of rules to create one. Then I began browsing costume and quickly started to put together a characterized version of myself, a navigatrix who is responsible for pointing the little airship in the right direction yet who also offers metaphysical counsel, helping others to steer their lives on the right course. Romantic and really quite personal, too. Which are qualities I intend for the items in this shop.

I liked the sound of this word, feminine and purposeful. Wanting to know more, naturally I Googled it:

From “Navigatrix” –
A stylish woman with a map who can help you find your way.
A good woman to know and have in your life, especially if you are lost.
A woman whose map is not only geographical but also spiritual and esoteric, she may help you find your way geographically, spiritually and personally.

This struck a chord. Yes, I love making pretty things and as a Taurus, can be quite earthily materialistic. However, I have always been a sensitive, spiritual soul and whenever I learn something useful or hear and then test out a piece of advice, I love to share it. So the idea of a Navigatrix seemed to fit perfectly with my own needs and my dreams for this new enterprise.

I follow my own inner compass and so far, it has led me well.

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