My Steampunk Outfit

Jacket from Clockwork Couture *

This gorgeous jacket was sold out in green (as this picture) so I bought a ‘sand’ coloured one and used Dylon dye, which has turned out to be a close shade.

 I love this frilled shirt. The one minor drawback is that the tacking stitches holding the front ruffles up were not very secure so I need to re-sew it more securely.
An eBay find!
Corset from Timeless Trends.
 This is featured in The Navigatrix
(links below)


 Yes, the clip that started it all (and taught me which glue *not* to use…)

My very first Navigatrix hairclip! This piece started my shop 🙂
Charity shop wins again.And they were a gift so cost = £0. The ribbon was recycled from some fancy chocs I once received. I knew that would come in handy one day! (badaboom!)
Customised, weathered and stained leather gloves. 

 I was very lucky with this. It was advertised for public sale but is in fact a wholesale model (not her, the corset). The mistake was pointed out but I was allowed to purchase it. I’m so grateful because I’d scoured the web looking for the one I’d fall in love with and this is it!

Living Dead Souls (I think..)

This skirt is getting a copper taffeta lining – all cut and ready to sew when I get a moment.It looks great with the front lifted and clipped up. The wrong side of the material is

not pretty.

…and the boots, of, the boots! Metropolis Vintage.eBay.

Still getting the hang of Blogger’s layout system…
So, what do you think? I’m still needing bloomers and have ordered a custom pair of goggles from my brother Matt at Arcane Armoury. I am intending to be able to dress up when I attend my first Steampunk fayre or convention. When I have the final touches, I will get myself photographed in full kit.
(The LRPer in me is still straining to see the Character Creation Guidelines in a Rulebook…seems that Steampunk doesn’t quite work that way.)
Looking forward as always to your comments,

* Edited 19/06/2012 as it was pointed out to me that I had erroneously credited the jacket to Steampunk Couture. In fact, it came from Clockwork Couture and the label inside reads ‘by deep, Los Angeles’. Apologies.

2 thoughts on “

  1. Wow! All beautiful finds! I looove the frilled blouse the most! Have you taken a picture with the full outfit on? It must look gorgeous all together! A perfect Navigatrix style 🙂


  2. I haven't even put everything on at the same time yet! My skirt lining is cut just waiting to be sewn and I need to find a pair of bloomers. Not sure if I want short or knee length yet. I think I'd like olive green to match the jacket and corset but I'm still mulling it over (and gathering funds).

    If you like this blog, do share it with your friends. If you have a blog I can take a look at that is related to all things Steampunk and/or Etsy, send me the link!

    May you have a great month,


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