The Magic of Gratitude

I’m a student of the Law of Attraction. I love uplifting, positive articles, get the Cygnus Review every month and love books and DVDs by Louise Hay and Rhonda Byrne, to name a couple. 

Currently, I’m reading Rhonda’s book The Magic which focusses on gratitude.
 I thought I was a grateful person, I really did. I’m polite, I remember my please’s and thankyou’s. I occassionally feel that swell of appreciation on a sunny morning or during a delicious meal. This particular book is really opening my eyes to how much more grateful I could be. Having done quite a few exercises now, I notice how easy it is to begin to feel good after just a little sincere gratitude. What is even better is that I am getting into the habit of beginning my day in gratitude.

So how does this reflect on The Navigatrix? Well, to begin with it fosters a positive attitude and nurtures a success and prosperity mindset, essential for running a shop. I truly believe that The Navigatrix will grow and be shared by hundreds and thousands of people, some of whom will do me the great honour of buying things. What they don’t necessarily realise (until I tell them) is that their payments increase my self-esteem and support my positive attitude. You might not realise just what a big deal that is unless you’ve suffered ill health or depression as I have in the past. They don’t necessarily realise that they are helping a mum fulfill her daughter’s dream of having a Big Buzz for her 4th birthday (one of my major goals and incentives) and contributing to a family’s essential income. They are also helping the shop owner to buy gifts for family and friends and to treat herself to something special once in a while.

What an impact we can make with such small gestures! 

It is with gratitude in mind that I have been inspired to create this treasury:

I do thank you for taking the time to look and leaving a comment, here or there, should you feel inspired to do so!

If you would like to practice more gratitude, try this simple idea*: in the morning, before you get into your day – I make myself a cuppa first 🙂 – write down 10 things you feel grateful for.They could be events, people, things … just write what comes to mind. When you have your 10 things,read through your list, out loud or to yourself, saying ‘Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou’ after each one. Don’t just say it, really feeeel it. The the magic happens.

I would be interested to hear about your experiences with gratitude; what effects does it have upon your creativity, your inspiration, your sales, your feedback, your customers? What related books or dvd’s do you love? Who inspires you to feel more grateful?

I thank you in advance for your comments and support!

Wishing you Happiness, Health and all kinds of Wealth,


*Idea from Rhonda Byrne’s ‘The Magic’

One thought on “The Magic of Gratitude

  1. Beautiful post! thank you! I also love Louise Hay and her books changed my life for the better. Now I'm experimenting the magic and I do the day by day practice!
    The first thing I do in the morning is to open my eyes sit on the bed and relax, then I say some affirmation ad live my day!
    Have a nice day T.


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