Last chance to grab a bargain….for a while

As of June 15th 2012, a couple of coupon codes are expiring. The Facebook one and this, which I offer readers of my blog to use:

STEAMPUNKERS for 11% off.

I’ll admit, I’m quite new to internet marketing. I love making my items and really appreciate it when they sell. Being a stay at home mum, my income is from my Etsy shop and my Reiki practice. They are growing, gradually, but I’m still at the beginning stages.

I cannot stress how much each customer and client means to me. Each exchange, however small, makes a tangible difference. We’re lucky enough to have all the basics covered (house, food, water, clothing, energy) and some luxuries beside (TV, car, internet, phone). For all these I am truly grateful. 

We’re in the same position as many families. I catch myself thinking ‘if only’… however, as I recently read Tossing aside the if onlys , it reminded me once again to focus on the small, immediate, positive steps I can take. Like following the urge to write a blog entry.

So, I choose to be honest and open with you by saying I’m no charity case but every bit of money energy flowing my way is extremely welcome right now. And if you have enough to pass a little my way in return for a lovingly created one-off Navigatrix special (or indeed, some health-encouraging Reiki), then I thank you and thank you and thank you again. In advance. Because I’m getting the message that that’s how things work best.

Wishing you all Happiness, Health and all kinds of Wealth,

In gratitude,


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