Shop Announcement and Intentions

The Navigatrix’s Etsy shop will be set to ‘Vacation’ mode on Friday evening, in preparation for next weekend’s upcoming event (8th & 9th September). Basically, it’s because I’m taking all of my current stock with me. 

When I return, I will relist any remaining items and begin putting up any surviving new goodies that I have recently made. I intend to begin featuring other sellers, relevant, somehow to what I produce, so if you have any good suggestions of Bloggers who make Steampunk/Neo-Victorian items, who upcycle or are related in some way to the feel of The Navigatrix, do please let me know. Post your comments and suggestions aplenty below.

Let’s build this Blog together. Share it on your Twitter, Facebook, Etsy Team, Google or other social media. Imagine this as the midpoint of the compass with lots of interesting stuff to point to! I’m learning as I go and I really appreciate all the help you’d like to offer.

My motto, at the moment, is ‘do what I can with what I’ve got’ and that includes time. However, I reckon that if I can help a few people get some exposure for their work, then that will help The Navigatrix in turn. Which means a decent sized business to provide my family with a good second income. (Hubby is a Careworker, they deserve a lot more reward than they receive).

So, how could I, in my own small way, help you out? 

Ooh, I’ve been Bloggered! 

I was surprised to find that I’ve been featured here:

Studio Stories

Thanks to Suzanna. You’re on my list *to be featured*.

Do you think it would be possible to get 100 followers by the end of the year? What would you like to see here? Any improvements I could make? What do you like about this blog? I’m hoping to start running competitions here. Do you have any ideas about that? What sort of thing would you like to win?

These Lacy Rivet gloves are size S/M. Available soon – remember, everything is a One Of A Kind (OOAK)

The Gizmoidus….available from 8th September

Over to you…comments please 🙂

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