Welcome to the Asylum – The VSS Steampunk Event, Lincoln, Sept 2012

We set off early, squeezed into the car with two stalls worth of stock, my hubby driving and our daughter snug in her carseat, excited to be off to see Grandma and Grandad. Matt could hardly be seen underneath two large packages. (Oh how I wish I’d taken that picture!)

We sat through the trip, which took the best part of an hour, in full Steampunk costume. It is not an easy matter to sit corseted in a low automobile seat! We arrived in good time and met Trevor of the impressive moustache and deerstalker, a very nice chap and in charge of the market stalls.

Sister shop and brother shop, side by side. We were both happy with the way that our styles and colour schemes complemented one another’s. The damask patterned taffeta cloth that I found from eBay, one on brown, the other black, really worked to tie our two stalls together and helped show off our wares admirably. 
The Navigatrix
Arcane Armoury
The Navigatrix and..
Matt’s display
The display

Almost half of the stock I took was made for this event along with a few pieces that had not been listed from a local Steam and Vintage Fair during the summer. Of those pieces that came home with me, I only have about ten left to add to my Etsy shop.

The gloves (both now sold) that you can see at the front of the stall attracted a lot of attention. I could have sold 12 pairs easily, had they been a little larger. 

It is very interesting to see what people are most interested in. Having a market stall gave me some good ideas as to what to make next – more gloves, for one!

The atmosphere at this event was lovely. So relaxed and welcoming. We were both quite happy to sit and watch people passing by as there were some wonderful costumes, the overall standard of which was very impressive. I’ll show you some later!  

Lovely weather for it!

THE Steampunk Guitar

Matt’s original design Steampunk Electric Guitar attracted a lot of attention. It is still waiting to find its rightful owner, though a few were sorely tempted. It was allowed down from its place of suspension on the Sunday, plugged into a mini amp and played. There was a lot of music in Castle Square on the Saturday! Matt has, however, recently received a music-related commission. Have a look at his Facebook page for updates on his work:

ArcaneArmoury on Facebook

I’ll leave you with a few more pictures. In part two of this blog article, I will introduce you to some of the people at the event and share lots of great links…I went round collecting cards from all sorts of  creative Steampunk types.

Do take one!

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