Weekend at the Asylum – Part 3

Matt and I were at our posts for most of the event, but I did manage to have a little wander round and chat to various participants. In so doing, I gathered a fair posy of calling cards, the links of which I shall display below for your delectation.

Please follow whichever you are drawn to. If one of these links is yours, send me a couple of pictures, if you have them, and I will Edit them in.

Firstly, our lovely neighbours: Curious Fashion who also have a shop on Etsy . The creatrix also has another venture: Alice’s Night Circus I can’t wait to hear more!

Our other neighbour sold (out of) beautiful parasols and various things, including the squeaky hamsters. They made me smile 🙂 Templarcraft 

‘Second Coming, Ms D-.’s Costuming Empire is so often gadding about at events that she hasn’t tethered her shop to the aetherweb. Instead, contact her (Second Coming) at hotmail.com. Type it as you would a normal email address (hopefully we’ll spare her from spam).

A talented chap by the names of John / London Jack creates multi-period, hand crafted, custom built leatherwork. He does such a splendid job and is just reaching out into the realm of Steampunk, having mainly focussed on the Wild West re-enactment scene. He can be found at: www.londonjack1880.etsy.com 

More lovely costume pieces were to be found at Designer Rags. Contact June Cragg at hotmail.com for details. 

 I got chatting to a pleasant author fellow called Craig Hallam. His purpose at the convivial was to invite people to purchase his new book, Greaveburn. He can be found on Twitter as @craighallam84. Alternatively, visit his blog: www.craighallam.wordpress.com 

Tom and Nimue Brown’s stall, covered in beautiful graphic art, made me stop and goggle. Their Gothic webcomic looks interesting and I’ll be paying them a call when I can. 

Dr Geof‘s page has an assortment of sciency, tea related, Steampunky and occassionally gothy things. Another one I need to explore more! 

If you are interested in the 1940’s, do take a look at The Anderson’s page: www.1940s.info

ESPTV were wandering around filming and caught ArcaneArmoury and TheNavigatrix on film, briefly. They are officially launching their internet TV channel in October. 

Also in attendance was a photographer from the Lincolnshire Echo. I’ll be checking out www.thisisphotosales.co.uk/lincolnshire to find my portrait 🙂 She did like my mirror..

When you follow these links, do take a moment to let them know that The Navigatrix sent you, many thanks.

Feel free to share these around, backlink to this page and to The Navigatrix and Arcane Armoury’s Etsy shops. Your help is much appreciated. I do hope these links prove both useful and amusing. Thankyou to everyone who gave their card for giving permission for me to share.

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