Celebrate Love!

Steampunk, Steamgoth, Neo-Victorian inspired Valentines Cards

The new range of OOAK* Valentines Cards

I’m still getting used to this online shop lark. For one thing, I’m used to getting myself in the mood for certain celebrations only a few weeks in advance. In stocking a shop however, it seems that you need to be months ahead! I can’t quite see myself being ready for ‘Christmas in July’ (though I probably will promote any appropriate items around then). So although it’s still January, allow me to be a little forward thinking in presenting these Valentines Cards: 

These were made possible thanks to a little co-creation. I found a wonderful graphic designer on Etsy who states that she is happy for her designs to be used in the creation of items to be sold on Etsy: Vectoria Designs

Each card is a *One Of A Kind creation. I printed the graphics on bronze card, both sides and have also decorated the interior of each. Rivets and brass clock hands, a brass butterfly and lace make these cards as special as the intended recipient is to you!

Each card comes with a printed envelope, slightly modified from Vectoria Designs’ original.

The thing I love about upcycling – yes, the lace and brass decorations are re-used – is that every creation comes out differently.

If somebody came along and wished to mass produce one of my designs and would do so ethically and ecologically, I would probably say yes (I am intending to create a really successful business here and I’ve only so many hours to do it in!) However, one thing I love about my little Etsy shop is the creativity that working with various, limited materials inspires. I do like to find a theme and express it in various ways, so when I found these beautiful, grungy, neo-Victorian downloadable designs, ideas came rushing forth!

There is another reason to celebrate February 14th… The Navigatrix will be One! I’ll be doing something special to celebrate….watch this space!

January has been a great start to the year. The Navigatrix has made more sales than usual and has been featured on not one, but two blogs! Take a look (explore their other posts and Follow them if you like what you see): Megans Beaded Designs and Tinytipis Blogspot. Thanks to the authors of both for a warm welcome!

Etsy Treasury ‘I’m in Love with a Steampunk Pirate’

Bear with me, I’m still working out how to add things to blogs, so here’s a screenshot of my latest Treasury (if you know of a better way, please leave a comment). Here’s the LINK.  Romance, adventure, swash with a touch of buckle… enjoy!

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