Dressing Up for the Occasion

Co-creation is a wonderful thing!

I may be a one-woman business but I do not work alone. The picture above was possible because of two very special people, who also happen to be designers, creators and Etsy shop owners. My brother Matt (of Arcane Armoury) and I welcomed our Etsy Team Leader into our homes this week. Georgina (of Nevermore Dolls) Captains the Etsy Team In here Life Is Beautiful

The Navigatrix hadn’t been around long when I stumbled across this team. I liked the atmosphere and the wide range of shops that dared to be different, so I joined. I posted a fair bit and soon I received the invitation from the Captain to become a leader. I’m still learning as I go but when I come across something useful, I tend to share it for others’ benefit. Feels good, you know? Of course, I invited my brother to join us, too. I’ve seen this team grow from less than 100 people to nearing 300 now.

Since I’m talking about ‘IHLIB’ (it’s a long name to type!) it seems fitting to mention that it had its first anniversary on 20th January. To celebrate we asked team members to post a picture of one of their items that best reflected the team, in order to collect them together and have a ‘Pinterest Party’ (my phrase). We got some great entries that you can see here: Pinterest Party Board

So what happens when Etsians get together? We had ideas about what we wished to achieve in the time we had. Georgina is preparing to open her third Etsy shop (her first was Unusual Fascinators). If you’d like a sneak peek at her efforts, go and look at Atomic Girl Cosplay. I’ve seen what she has achieved so far and I can’t wait for her shop to open! Matt, a trained modelmaker with over 15 years of experience, took ‘Cap’n G’ under his (X) wing and introduced her to mould making and casting and she took to it like a duck to water. In return, we both have ideas to help Arcane Armoury grow and evolve. One week just isn’t enough! Matt and Georgina ‘pulled an all-nighter’ in order to things made to a certain degree of finished 🙂

The highlight for me were the photoshoots. Firstly, Georgina modelled some of my new creations and a few currently listed ones to enhance the photo selections. Here are some of the beautiful results:
Green Velvet and Brass Butterfly Choker

“Turquoise Fancy” Beaded Chain and Earrings set
…and then it was my turn!
Now, to be honest with you, I’m not the most girly girl. Make-up and even jewellery tend to be reserved for special occassions. I only own nail varnish, lipstick and mascara (though after this experience, that will change). I think this was the first time I’d ever had my hair in rollers, too!

Georgina had promised me a makeover. It’s great when others can see potential where you cannot. I know that good photos are a large part of the recipe for success on Etsy and 

help to bring out the potential in your lovingly crafted items. I know also that good photos help with shop promotion and that people like to know who is behind the creations, so I happily agreed to get all dressed up in my Steampunk costume and let her use my face as a canvas. Here are some behind the scenes pictures of the photoshoot: 
Getting the skirt to hang just so.
Behave yourselves, curls!

Me and Cap’n G 😉
There’s a good view of the new items from here!

We all had a great time and it was lovely to work together. Etsy has brought us together and helped us to inspire each other. See what you can find there today…

I do love reading your comments and look forward to connecting with you, even if just for a moment. Wishing you a Fantastic February,

Sally-Ann ♡

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