Steampunk as Classroom

Lifelong learning is so much easier through an enjoyable medium such as the genre of Steampunk. Here are some thoughts from the Airship Ambassador:

Airship Ambassador


In the middle days of my steampunk involvement, when the term ‘steampunk’ was still pretty new, I was reading the available books just to read a good story. I wanted an engaging narrative set firmly in the Future That Never Was. I just wanted to be entertained.

Once the online community started to grow in earnest, there was a chance to interact with people from around the US and in other countries. Ah, the joy and promise of the burgeoning internet – dial up modems, CompuServe, bulletin boards, and minimal graphics. Still, it was there and people in our community were starting to find each other.

It was when I started getting into steampunk with a real continued passion, attending Steamcon in 2009 and Nova Albion in 2010, and starting Airship Ambassador that my education, and sometimes re-education, started to, uh, pick up steam.

Because of that participation, I have…

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