Review of Wild Wild West Con 4

Reblogged on – I’ll be asking Matt of ArcaneArmoury about his experience at WWWCon4, too. I’m very glad he got to meet the Airship Ambassador, among others!

Airship Ambassador


Wild Wild West Con 4 was another rousing immersive steampunk convention success for directors Diana Given and Jason Drotman. Held on March 6 – 8 at Old Tucson, the event surpassed all previous attendance marks. Anecdotally, I heard that the park had it’s highest attendance ever on Saturday.

Old Tucson is a working film location and western theme park located in Tucson, Arizona, and has been the location for filming more than 300 movies and TV shows. First built in 1938 for the movie Arizona, it opened to the public as a theme park in 1960, while remaining a filming location as well.

Little House on the Prairie was filmed there, although the wardrobe collectibles on display, and a good part of the studios, were destroyed in a fire in 1995. The park reopened in 1997 with some new buildings, but it would be 2011 before the…

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