Tilomabah – an Aether Nomad short story by Martin Livingston

When I can persuade him into Steampunk costume, Martin is also known as ‘Professor Noodles’. Before The Scamp arrived, he wrote and ran a Live Roleplay game (sci-fi fantasy with an emphasis on Horror) game called Riftworld here in the UK. Enjoy the tale of Tilomabah!


[ One of the strengths of the concept of the Aether Nomads is their tendency to travel through dimensions and occasionally, through time. This makes them ideal to add into any Steampunk narrative as visitors, or as the vehicle through which a tale can be told, or a way of linking multiple stories set in different conceptual Steampunk worlds. It is my hope that many more writers (of stories, songs, events) and creators of many kinds might take up the concept and become part of the AN Project. Let the spirit of the Rhuk take you on new adventures! I am delighted to present a tale penned by my dear companion.   ~ The Navigatrix ]

” When they tell me to ‘Sit and be still, Tilomabah’ or ‘The wine is stretching out your stories Tilo’ or ‘Beware how tall your stories become lest they obstruct your Brothers’ Rhuk’, I give…

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