Review: Skal 1

By the illustrator who created the iconic image for The Aether Nomads Project, Skal is one of my favourite graphic novels…and the story has only just begun!

Travelling Man's Blog

Written and drawn by Jennie Gyllblad

Published by Jennie Gyllblad pages of the story are put up here as Jennie finishes them

First collection available now for £11 including P&P

Mushirah has been sentenced to death and, to make sure she’s ‘safe’, had her mouth sewn shut. When she’s rescued, she thinks her destiny may not be what she always feared.

Voresh is a fast talking, fast running thief with mouths (And beaks) to feed. Her biggest problem is staying alive. Mushirah’s biggest problem is working out whether or not she wants to. Together in a bustling, dangerous city, they go looking for answers.

This book looks like nothing else on the market. Jennie is an extraordinary, one of a kind artist who shifts gear from watercolour to pencil and back with tremendous grace. Crucially, none of the detail is lost either and the world her characters inhabit…

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