Airship Ambassador Announcement – Steampunk Hands Around the World 2016

For the third year running, The Navigatrix will be contributing to the celebrations. Would you care to join me?

Airship Ambassador

steampunk_hands_ Araceli_Rodríguez

Image courtesy of Araceli Rodriguez

Steampunk Hands Around the World returns for it’s third year, continuing the celebration of the best that the global steampunk community has to offer.

The 2016 theme of the annual month long blogathon is “My Favorite Things”. Each day from Monday, February 1st through Monday the 29th, contributors will share some of their favorite steampunk people, events, and things from every corner of the planet.

Everyone, steampunks and non-steampunks alike, will be able to share in the information about who and what inspires us to keep exploring, expanding, and enhancing our community every day.


Image courtesy of El Investigador

Tying all of these favorite things together are people. People who make things, people who do things, people who enjoy things – and that means each and every one of us. Together, we create our community, and we bring steampunk to life, in all of its…

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