An update on my adventures!


It has been a while, sorry about that. I’ve been busy with looking after my health: getting physio, ankle braces, going to support groups, getting yet another diagnosis – PoTS – and a second lot of medication.

Steampunk and creativity had to take a back seat for a while but then, true to my Aspie style, I’ve spent three days throwing pacing to the wind and decoupaging to my heart’s content. The picture above is my own jewellery box and I’ve made more in various styles.

I’ve set up a second online shop ( and am about to rent shelf space in a local craft shop too!

With so much going on, and a rained-out village fayre yesterday that took my last decent-sized Spoons, I’ve been in retreat today, recovering. I must make resting a priority next week.

The Facebook group I set up for Steampunks with chronic illness/disability, ‘Steampunkable’, has been attracting more members. It is great to share a common interest with those who also live with challenges.

I’m keen to get my Autism assessment date but first have to go for an echo cardiogram and dental surgery (for unwisely positioned wisdom teeth).

So, I thought about apologising for my irregular posting but you know what? This is how my life is. It ebbs and flows, so I shall allow my creativity to surface when it is good and ready and only ask for your patience and acknowledgement, dear reader.

If any of what I write about strikes a chord or inspires a question, please do comment. Wishing you wonderful journeys and the best you can wish for yourself,

~The Navigatrix

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