This is the companion blog to TheNavigatrix Etsy shop and is written by the creatrix and founder of The Aether Nomads Project, Sally-Ann Livingston. A graduate of the University of Hertfordshire with a degree in Design Representation, Sally-Ann spent a few years working as a professional modelmaker, creating pieces for museums, advertising, product and architectural models. She then chose a course diversion, becoming a Montessori Directress and spending several years teaching 2-6 year olds, which prepared her and her husband for the arrival of their daughter (known by her Steampunk persona of ‘The Scamp’). Sally-Ann is also a trained Reiki teacher and works from her home in Lincolnshire, UK.

“The Navigatrix began as a costume idea. I made myself some gloves and a feathery clock-hand hairclip. It occurred to me that others might like to buy such clips as they were fun and easy to make, so I asked my brother Matt of ArcaneArmoury if he could sell them through his Etsy shop. (I knew nothing of Etsy at the time and didn’t realise to sell handmade items, you need to have been involved in making them.) He just said “Why not make your own shop?” and the lightbulb went on! You can read more on the About page, located under Shop Info. Follow the link below.

So welcome to my new blog! It replaces the original as I’d heard good things about WordPress. I intend to write updates, do interviews, run giveaways, feature fellow Etsy shops and give you insights into the Aether Nomads Project, including the co-created story, ‘Tales of the Navigatrix’.

So, pop the kettle on and settle down with a cuppa. I’d love to hear what you think!”


<§•§•§> For those interested in the Aether Nomad ongoing international project, do get in touch if you’d like to become involved as a Designer or Participant and I’ll add you to the private Facebook group. Many thanks for your interest! <§•§•§>

≈ Grunge Damask Wallpaper background graphic courtesy of  fellow Etsy shop Vectoria Designs ≈

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